What's the purpose of a business blog?

It’s all about gaining new customers or deepening the relationship with your current customers. To do that, there are four reasons YOUR business should be blogging.

To create authority and credibility

Having a blog you consistently update gives you a platform to stand on. With a blog, you are seen as an authority – as a person or company – who knows their stuff in your industry. A blog provides a platform to stand on and show the world you know what you’re talking about.


“Corporations” don’t read blogs. Blog readers are human. They like to do business with people who have a personality. This is why corporate blogs generally don’t work well; corporations have a tendency to write in stagnant corpo-speak that sounds like a freaking mission statement repeated over and over and over again. Who reads that crap?

If you write with the idea of being relatable (being yourself), you build trust and trust is easier between friends. Building trust helps you deepen the relationship with your customers, or potential customers, so they feel for comfortable doing (more) business with you.

Remember, even if your company is a B2B, all the decisions are made People 2 People.

Search engine results

The search engines love content. Period.

The more consistently you post to your blog with relevant information people actually care about, the more likely search engines, such as Google, will start displaying your blog on their result pages.

If you’re already showing up in the search engines, blogging on a consistent basis will  increase your search rankings so you are closer to that illustrious spot #1. As your blog increases in search ranking, the more traffic you’ll have lapping-up your blog.

More traffic + great content = more business.

Repurposing content

Repurposing content is great for service-based companies.

A smart business never duplicates work and a smart business will turn old blog posts into books, white papers, presentations, etc. The content has already been been written, it just needs to be massaged to fit another form of delivery. You’ve already written it, why not repurpose it?

Customer leads – It all comes down to this.

  • When you are relatable, people read your blog.
  • When you create content, you create authority.
  • When people read your blog and you have authority, the search engines rank you higher
  • When you have authority, when you’re relatable, when you have traffic and provide information in various ways, you have more business and deeper relationships with your current customers.

There are many reasons to blog. You may belong in one camp or in several camps. Which camp(s) do you belong in? Leave your camp of choice in the comments below…

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