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Recently someone told me he was building a wonderful little widget that he wished to launch. In the same breath, he said, ‘so now what, how do I do it?’

There are, of course, a variety of ways out there to launch a product. There are web gurus, like Jeff Walker and his product launch formula, and a bunch more. If you are a big brand, and you’ve got a new product, a lot of the techniques are the same, most of which focus on getting people talking.

Whether it’s an eBook, an on-line business…


Content Marketing Idea Generation



Note: This post originally appeared on our old site, Shortcut Blogging. You’ve been redirected here.

Content Marketing Idea Generation

Let’s say you own a business and you have a blog, or, maybe you’re a brand manager wanting to launch a new product. Perhaps you’ve had your blog for a while and you’re in need of fresh material for your clients or customers. Previously, you’ve developed your blogs from subject matter within your organization and that has worked well, but now you seem to be at a loss for something new and interesting. You don’t want to…


Content Marketing Production that's Fast and Efficient

We have a few clients that are using Shortcut Content as a content production tool in ways that we didn’t even really envision. It got us thinking about some other ways to use this method and we wanted to share them.

First, we have a client that is putting on an event in August and needed nearly 20 pages of content written to promote it. The challenging part is that this content can only be written by the experts that they have inside their company, and none of them have time to sit down and write all this content. So,…


88% More Leads Per Month WITH a Blog

Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors. B2C companies that blog generate 88% more leads per month. B2B companies that blog generates 67% more leads per month.

A large percentage of small businesses are missing out on a huge chunk of their online presence and failing to realize how much traffic and sales they can be driving from their websites.

Thank you to the good folks at Imbue Marketing for creating this infographic.

Would you like 88% or 67% more leads per month?


Creative Writing 101

I was in a meeting last week and we were previewing a new creative writing course.

In a demonstration of the power of the mind to make connections where none exist, the instructor grabbed four words from thin air…

Armor Cat Microphone Foreplay

Our instruction was to take 2 minutes and write, being sure to use all 4 words.

I had Shortcut Blogging (our former name) on my mind. This is what I came up with:

Creating content is a dance that many feel can only be done when the mood strikes, as if you need some foreplay. The…


CEO Blogging Tip: Do you want to save time or money?

Money and Time are Interchangeable

I shared the concept of Shortcut Content with a Facebook acquaintance.

He looked the site over and came back with a question that all sole-proprietor Internet Marketers seem to ask.

“Cool Service…but isn’t it a bit pricey? Also…what about traffic? How much traffic can someone expect?”

Here is my response:
As you know, time and money are interchangeable. There are plenty of resources out there for people who want to save money. There is plenty of good information on exactly what kind of content business owners need to create (mostly, lots of relevant content).


What's the purpose of a business blog?

It’s all about gaining new customers or deepening the relationship with your current customers. To do that, there are four reasons YOUR business should be blogging.

To create authority and credibility

Having a blog you consistently update gives you a platform to stand on. With a blog, you are seen as an authority – as a person or company – who knows their stuff in your industry. A blog provides a platform to stand on and show the world you know what you’re talking about.


“Corporations” don’t read blogs. Blog readers are human. They like to do business with people…


Executive Blogging: How to Make It Easier

Greg Collier at VentureBeat’s Entrepreneur Corner has it figured out.

…until about a year ago, my online voice wasn’t saying much.

I knew what I wanted to say in these posts but I struggled to find the right words to express my thoughts. I knew my blog needed an objective — a common thread between my posts that would drive home the bigger message. But finding the right chemistry between that objective, the words on the screen, and the tone and attitude that would define my voice was no easy task. Increasingly, it took more time and effort…