The Content Creator's Creed

For the past 5 years, as we’ve been operating under the Shortcut Blogging brand, we’ve been doing much more that; we’ve been creating content. On top of these podcasts and blog posts, we’ve created videos, infographics and even case studies. So I created a “Content Creator’s Creed” to really set down a framework for what we believe are the reasons that people should be creating content and how it should be sourced, based on the way most people receive it.

We believe…

…the best content comes from individuals rather than organizations

…your work’s meaning and…


Creed: The Best Content Comes From Individuals Rather Than Organizations

At Shortcut Content, we believe that the best content comes from individuals rather than organizations. In fact, it’s the first point in our Content Creator’s Creed. There are so many companies that just send information on the company letterhead without anybody’s name on it. You see press releases like that. Well, I don’t think that’s the best way to share important information. I believe that it’s best heard straight from the mouth of the face of your company.

Apple is probably the greatest example. It’s a tradition that they have carried on, even after Steve Jobs’ passing. They…


Creed: Your Work’s Meaning is Best Shared Through a Human Voice of Storytelling

People buy from people they know, like and trust. In our day-to-day interactions, when we buy things we’re going to use in our life, we’re going to go to somebody that we know, somebody that we like and somebody that we trust. That’s how we choose a doctor, that’s how we’ll choose a lawyer, and if we don’t know one, we’ll ask somebody else who they know, who they like or who they trust. That’s why the second bullet point in Shortcut Content’s Content Creator’s Creed is that ‘your work’s meaning and your company’s purpose are best shared through a…


Creed: Story Transcends Product Features

The fourth line in our Content Creator’s Creed states that ‘Communication derived from story transcends communication derived from product features.’ This is the point that most inexperienced sales-people fail to grasp. It’s what sets your content apart from the rest.

If you go into Best Buy and ask about a specific piece of equipment, what is usually going to happen? You’re going to get an endless stream of product features: it has this big of a hard drive and it works this fast. Although these can be good to know as a means of a comparison, if you’re in an…


Creed: Readers Deserve First-Hand Stories From Experienced Experts

Let’s say you wanted to read the Game of Thrones books. Would you want to read the original book written by George R. R. Martin or would you rather read something that I wrote summarizing the Game of Thrones series? I think most would say that they would want to read it the way the author intended it to be read. The same thing goes with creating content for your company; First-hand experience from the person who has lived through it is the most effective way to deliver information to your audience.

The biggest mistake you can make is…