Storytelling for Business Owners

The Stories You Could Tell…

Founder-30You busted your ass building that company. Most people have no idea of the personal cost. Your kids know. So does your spouse if you managed to keep it all together during the early years. You paid the Iron Price. (And you don’t understand that reference because you have no time for Game of Thrones)

Ah, but the stories you could tell. Am I right?

Your story is your certificate of authenticity. Your story is exactly the type of training that employees need from a founder. Your story tells customers that they are about to work with a company that has proven itself.

Why haven’t you written your story? It’s always one of a handful of reasons. You either don’t think of yourself as a writer, you don’t know where to begin or you don’t have time. Sometimes, it’s all three.

We solved all 3 problems with a unique and friendly interview process that respects your time but gets the job done.

Your story, told in your voice. Here’s the bonus: Your story is the legacy your kids  and grandkids deserve to hear.

Let’s talk.

How Shortcut Content Works

  1. The Brain Storm. We can get your ideas out of your head and organized in under an hour. Yep.
  2. Recording Sessions. Our typical engagement (for blogging) requires a monthly 1-hour recording session when the ideas generated in step one are fleshed out via conversational storytelling with the assistance of our experts.
  3. Our Production Pipeline. The recordings are processed as podcasts, rewritten as blog posts and even turned into videos that you can deploy onto your content marketing network or use internally in your company.
  4. Extras. We can even post your content to your web site or upload them to content systems such as Libsyn, SoundCloud or YouTube.

Our standard subscription produces weekly blog posts and podcasts. We can customize to meet your needs.