Nobody Wants to Write…

…but everybody wants TO HAVE WRITTEN.

purposeThere are blogs all over the Internet that had a great three-month run in 2012. And then they suddenly stopped. I’ve come to the conclusion that nobody really wants to write, but a lot of people want to have written.

Even the most renowned authors complain about sitting down and waiting for the muse to show up. Writing is pain in the neck. It takes time and effort.

But! There are many reasons to want to have written. People want a place to store their knowledge and wisdom, somewhere to leave a legacy. It would be great if our stories and experiences could magically write themselves.

You talk to us on Skype and we turn your words into blog posts, podcasts, videos and more.

That’s why I created Shortcut Content. You can have a body of written work without having to ever write a word of it. The post you are reading right now was sourced from spoken audio. We created a video, podcast, and now this blog post, all at the same time.

So if you want a blog, but don’t want to write a blog, reach out to us. We have tools and tricks in place that can give you the gratification of being a writer, without actually having to write a word.

You can sign up for our signature service (weekly blog posts and short podcast episodes) right here. We don’t lock you into a long-term commitment. We do ask you you give it at least 3 months to get the hang of our process, but it’s purely voluntary. If you want to talk about a custom schedule, a finite project or anything else, just get yourself on Dave Young’s calendar and we’ll discuss it.

One hour later, you’ll have an organized list of 64 topics and a mild case of writer’s cramp.

BTW….your first task after signing up will be to make sure you have enough topics ready to go. We strongly suggest that you use our Topic Outlining and Brainstorming Exercise. It’s absolutely free and you can get started right away by creating a free account.

What are you waiting for?