It Has to Be the Bull

This podcast audio served as the source for the blog post “Who Should Create My Content?” 

The transcript was rewritten to produce the blog post, which is the cornerstone of the Shortcut Content system.

Shayla: Thank you for joining us today for the Shortcut Content podcast and I’m talking with founder Dave Young. And, Dave, when it comes to creating content for an owner operated company, who should take the lead on that?

Dave: Well, I’ve said it in the Content Creator’s Creed. The person that should be creating the content is the leader of the company. It’s the person that founded it. It’s the person that has the stories. So let me tell you a little story that sort of relates to this and it’s sort of a dirty joke.  Are you alright with that?

Shayla: I’m ready for it.

Dave: I though you would be. I was raised in Nebraska, ranch country, and there’s this little girl that went to school in a little one-room schoolhouse and one day she was late for school and the teacher said, “Mary, why are you late for school?” And the little girl said, “Well, I had to take the bull to the cows.” And the teacher said, “Well, Mary, couldn’t your father do that?” And Mary said, “No, it has to be the bull.” So that’s my dirty little joke and the issue there is, in that case, it has to be the bull, and if you’re creating content for your company, we believe that the best stories or the best content are always going to come from the owner of the company. It has to be the bull. So that’s my little metaphor and story for the day.


And when you think about that, there are a lot of companies that offer to write articles for you and I’ve seen some. I saw a landscape company that had a story, you know, it’s a local landscape company in a city and it had stories about beautiful botanical gardens in Japan and England and all over the place and those stories, they weren’t local, number one, and they were obviously there, if you kind of know what you’re looking for, those stories were only on that local landscapers website for one reason and that was to try to convince Google that, hey, look, we’ve got content about landscaping and gardens, and botanical stuff. But when a real human goes to the site, they see right through it. You put a story about a Japanese garden in here and you didn’t even put a picture of a Japanese garden. You didn’t even put a link to where you got the information about the Japanese garden. In that case, it wasn’t the bull. It was bull of some kind, but the content wasn’t created by the owner/operator of the company. And I think that’s illustrative of why real humans really want you to create your own content. They want to hear from the horse’s mouth, as it were. I’m mixing my metaphors now, or at least my barnyard animals.


Shayla: I was going say, you’re stuck in the farmyard at little bit there.
Dave: Well, that’s where I grew up, so I guess that’s what you’re going to have to live with. If you’re ready to tell your story, let us know here at Shortcut Content.

Shayla: Alright, so to find out more about what Dave does, all you have to is go to There you’ll find all the contact information you need.