How Shortcut Content Works

The Challenges of Creating Great Content:

  1. You don’t know WHAT to write.
  2. You don’t have TIME to write.
  3. You may not have the TALENT on your team to write well or produce good audio content.

1. Plan

Is a shortage of blog topics keeping you from blogging? You’ll plan an entire year of blogging & podcasting in under 45 minutes, wiping out writer’s block.

2. Talk

No writing. You’ll be talking in a series of interviews with a professional radio broadcaster. We’ll hit 4 or 5 of your topics in a single monthly recording session.

3. Relax

Sit back and relax. We’ll transcribe and rewrite your interviews into blog content while you focus on running your business. Pricing details.

WHAT to Write

We have a FREE video-guided brainstorming session that takes under an hour and results in a year’s worth of weekly content ideas. It really works and it’s free. Just go here.

Saving TIME

Less than an hour per month to create great weekly content. Our customers save a LOT of time creating weekly content because we do all of our story-gathering in monthly batches.

In a single Skype session, we’ll conduct enough short interviews on the topics you’ve chosen, to create a month’s worth of podcasts and blog posts. Seriously, all you have to do is step up to the microphone. Our skilled interviewers do the rest. They know how to guide the interview to get the best stories and details out of you or your company expert. Because we provide you with a great-sounding microphone, everybody sounds like a pro.


After your recording session, just go back to work and let us do the rest.

Our talented hosts will produce each interview into a great-sounding podcast that you can put on your site or onto a 3rd-party platform like SoundCloud (or even YouTube).

Then, our writing team will transcribe each podcast and completely re-write it as a written blog post. Of course, you could also use the post in emails, print, web copy or other forms of content.


Each month, you’ll get weekly podcasts and blog posts delivered to your in-box. They’ll be ready for publication. Most of our customers find that they don’t even need to edit the blog posts because our writers are so good. Actually, our writers have strict instructions to only use the words that came out of our customers’ mouths, so it’s no wonder that our customers like the results!


We can take things a step further for you. If you’d like us to publish the podcasts and posts on your WordPress web site, we can do that. Just make sure you choose the posting option when you check out.

If you’d like us to prepare each podcast as a YouTube video with a static image, we can do that as well.


I’m glad you asked. Have a look at the Shortcut Content pricing page.