What in the world is Shortcut Content?

If I want to sound interesting I’ll say “We’re a content creation boutique firm.” Whatever that means, right?

People need written content for their websites, newsletters, and brochures. And if you’re not a writer or you don’t have time to write, we’ve got a weasyay to get that information out of you, via interviews.

The short answer is that we help you create content by pulling it out of your head through your mouth…and it’s not as violent as it sounds. It’s done through conversation.

In our typical subscription model, we help you come up with four or five topics per month. In one session, we’ll do four to five interviews on each of those topics, transcribe them, and turn them into written blog posts. On top of that, we’ll take the audio from the conversation, and turn it into short podcast episodes.

So in a short, five minute interview, you can create two unique pieces of content that you can put on your website, or wherever else you’d like to put them. It’s a way to create content for people who don’t have time to sit down at a blank screen and create it themselves.

If that sounds like something that could benefit your business, head over to our website and let’s have a conversation.