Client Topic Worksheet

  • Use this form to organize your list of topics for your next recording session.

    After completing the form, you'll receive the list in an email that you can print. If you wish to use it multiple times, you may need to clear out the contents of the boxes after you submit it.

    If you are a Shortcut Content customer, we will forward the topics to your host in preparation for your next recording session.

    [NOTE: Sometimes a bulleted outline isn't quite enough. We like this idea of a "Fat Outline." It may help you improve your outline and be even more prepared for your recording session.]

    Use the following fields to create your list of topics for your Recording Session. 

    NOTE: The maximum is 13 topics. Use as many as you need. Feel free to come back to this page as often as you like to create more. 

    Our suggested format is as follows: 

    This Is The Headline of The Post

    • Opening Question that your interviewer should ask you to get things rolling. (Example....So Jane...exactly what do you mean by "This is the Headline"?) 
    • Talking Point #1 - Some point or piece of info that you want to be sure to include.
    • Talking Point #2 - Some other point or piece of info 
    • Talking Point #3 - Call to Action (Is there a Call to Action that you want to close the interview with? Examples could be ways to contact you, a web site to visit or a phone number to call) 
    • SEO Keyword (if any). This is a place to remind you and your interviewer of an search engine keyword that you'd like to include in this post. 

    Here's an example of a filled-in topic: 

    Three Ways to Open a Clogged Drain 

    • Opener....Dave, what if I have a clogged drain right in the middle of a holiday meal? What should I do? 
    • Here's the first idea 
    • Here's another idea 
    • Here's a third way. - If all else fails, call our emergency line at 555-1212 
    • SEO - clogged drain Tucson

    It's all up to you. If you only want to put shallow topics here, that's your call. If you do...your interviewer will be asking a very broad question and expecting you to carry the interview. 

    The more detail you provide, the more involved your interviewer will be to make sure all the info is covered.