This OTC Supplement Will Dissolve Stage Fright

Do you remember that viral photography project that made its rounds last year? They took photos of people stone-cold sober, and another photo after they drank a glass of wine, and then after two glasses of wine. With each glass, the people looked friendlier, more approachable, and much more relaxed.

The challenge in developing content is that we have to get people to lighten up in front of the camera or microphone. That’s why we always tell you to give us three months, three recording sessions, so that you can get to know your host and loosen up a…


Shortcut Content: Great for CMOs

As a chief marketing officer, one of your biggest challenges is that many times you aren’t the expert of the product or service you’re selling. You have the big guns or tools to spread the word, but you don’t have any content to load the gun. Shortcut Content can help you create that ammo. 

There are several great social media tools to share your content- Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer, and the one I use, Meet Edgar. But how can you easily come up with authentic content, when you’re not the expert?


Say "Yes" More Often

We talked in a previous post about the Farmer’s Insurance agent who made a viral YouTube video eating rancid fish guts. The point of that story is that you never know what’s going to be your biggest hit with people.

It’s important to keep coming up with fresh content, because it may end up being your most impressive piece of work. You’ve got to keeping showing up, saying “yes,” and putting yourself out there to see what will resonate.

I spent about twenty years on the radio in a small town; there were a few thousand people who knew…


Get Weekly Content from a Monthly Meeting

One of the challenges of being a blogger or chief marketing officer is that you want regularly scheduled content, ideally every week. The problem with that is that you’ve got this huge to-do item staring you in the face every Monday morning that says, “write another blog post.”

If you’re a writer, then that’s a great thing; you always have a project. However, if your primary job isn’t to write, but to be tactical with that written content and share it the right way, we have a solution for you.  

To post…


Create Something (Anything!) Other Than Sales Content

Entertainment plays a big part in engaging content. Even if you’re talking about a serious subject, if you can do it in an interesting way, you’ll keep someone’s attention.

Instead of just selling, selling, selling, tell some stories. Do something kind of off the wall.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a video on Facebook from a Farmer’s Insurance salesman. He’s from some little town somewhere. In the video, he’s sitting at his kitchen table with a Farmer’s Insurance hat on and a shirt with his phone number on it.

Also at the table are his wife…