Content Samples

Our Own Samples

Since 2011, we’ve produced thousands of blog posts, podcasts, eBooks and more for our customers. Most of the samples that I’m willing to share are pieces of content that we’ve produced for our own company. The reasons are quite simple. Our Terms of Service state that our customers own the product of our work. I can’t use them for promotional purposes without permission. Many of our customers prefer not to have people know that they aren’t slaving over a keyboard pounding out blog posts all day. If you’d like to chat about using us to produce content for you, I’d be happy to share some of our other work by simply leading you to the sites while we talk.

So…here are links to some of our own content. We use our own service to produce our own content.  I LIKE using my own service.

Podcasts (audio interviews)

Our process starts with the audio. Because we gather our source material via Skype interviews using very good microphones, everything sounds terrific. These sample podcasts were done to describe our Content Creator’s Creed.

Blog Posts

Each “podcast” episode is transcribed and then rewritten into more readable web copy for your blog.

Here are the blog post versions of the Content Creator’s Creed interviews.

The Content Creator’s Creed

Creed: The Best Content Comes From Individuals Rather Than Organizations

Creed: Your Work’s Meaning is Best Shared Through a Human Voice of Storytelling

Creed: Story Transcends Product Features

Creed: Readers Deserve First-Hand Stories From Experienced Experts

Creed: Stories Are Best Shared by Experts

Creed: The Strength of a Company Lies In the Personalities of Its Leaders

Creed: Sharing Your Wisdom Through Story is Your Best Legacy

Creed: The Best Way to Create Content? Whatever Gets It Done


For starters, with our small-footprint studio, we can do some pretty cool relational videos in our Tucson, Arizona office. Here are some videos that we’ve done for our local TEDxTucson folks.