Topic Brainstorm

NOTE: We’re in the middle of creating an ALL NEW version of this exercise with our new branding and some great Storytelling advice as well. Because you’ve got a free membership, we’ll let you know when we get the new version done. Thanks for your patience! Meanwhile, this version is still full of AWESOME.


Most of the instructions are in the video itself.

Step 1. Find an uninterrupted block of time to do the exercise. Minimum of 45 min. SCHEDULE it on your calendar.
Step 2. Download and print the PDF (This is the document you’ll fill in during the video)
Step 3. At the time you scheduled, and not before, come back to this page and play the video at the bottom of this page. All further instruction are on the video.

Each step is timed, and all the timing is included in the video. You just let it roll and follow the instructions. JUST SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE VIDEO!

Need the outline? Download it now.

You MUST have the printed outline prior to watching the video in order to get the most from the exercise.

Click here to download the 52-Week-Outline-Exercise