Tactical Help for Chief Marketing Officers

CMOs have a tough job in the age of content.

CMO-30You have an arsenal of apps, syndication tools and delivery channels ready and waiting for you to pull the trigger. You just need ammo.

Your company is full of Subject Matter Experts. The CEO is gregarious and outspoken. Customers are happy.

So, where’s your marketing content? What do you mean the SMEs are too busy to write it? Why won’t the CEO write a weekly story? Why won’t customers stop what they’re doing to craft a brilliant case study for you, or at least a friendly review?

Stop. Breathe. You have a secret weapon.

We get great stories from SMEs, CEOs and customers via a unique and friendly interview process. We turn focused interviews into podcasts, videos, case studies, blog posts and more.

Let’s talk about how to turn story into marketing ammo.

The Shortcut Content System

We have tools that will help you and your experts brainstorm topics for engagement, SEO, education or conversion.

We use an efficient interview system to pull those stories from the mouths of your SMEs in recording sessions that honor their time while gathering the stories that you can use to move your business forward.

Our deliverables can include: Produced podcasts, tightly written blog posts, static-image video and live-action video.

Check out our pricing or contact us for a customized plan.