Shortcut Content: Great for CMOs

ciprian-boiciuc-193062As a chief marketing officer, one of your biggest challenges is that many times you aren’t the expert of the product or service you’re selling. You have the big guns or tools to spread the word, but you don’t have any content to load the gun. Shortcut Content can help you create that ammo. 

There are several great social media tools to share your content- Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer, and the one I use, Meet Edgar. But how can you easily come up with authentic content, when you’re not the expert?

That’s where we come in. We interview the experts – maybe your founder or president, perhaps your chief operation officers. If you can’t get them to write weekly content, all you have to do is sit them down at a microphone, once a month, to chat with us.

We use short interviews to pull the words right out of their mouths. Then we turn them into written blog posts, podcasts, and for some customers, even weekly video. This blog post was created the exact same way.

We’re a secret weapon. We don’t blab about most of our customers because they would rather you think they’re creating their own content, which is just fine with us.

So if you’re a CMO looking for some content ammo, go to and get a hold of me. I’m happy to chat about how we can help make your job a little easier.