Does Content Have to be Entertaining?

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, once our basic survival needs are met, we start looking for entertainment.maslow

If we’ve got air to breathe, food and shelter, we’ve meet our physical needs and start to move up the hierarchy. Contented people think, “Well, I’ve got all that done. What’s on TV?” We might scroll through Facebook and get involved in some sort of political debate, or search for memes, gifs, and interesting videos. Basically, we want to be entertained.

Your customers appreciate you doing a little bit to entertain them. Think of the most iconic advertising campaigns of the last few years. Remember the Old Spice “I’m on a horse” ads? They were highly entertaining, but also directly related to the product.

There’s a video ad going around for a photobook right now that keeps your attention for four to five minutes. It’s basically a busy mom who doesn’t have time to create scrapbooks, but the video keeps you engaged the entire time.

Entertaining content helps remind people that you’re human and allows them to get to know you a little bit better. One way to entertain your audience is to become a better storyteller. And that’s what we do at Shortcut Content. We hope you’ll join us on that journey.