How to Get Your Employees to Create Blog Posts

If you have a marketing meeting with your employees and you say, “We’ve decided to start a blog. Jane and Bob, go write three blogs posts for the site,” you’ll probably be met with a lot of blank stares.

It’s hard to inspire your employees to want to create content for your website. But if you can get them come up with a few topics they would be comfortable talbq31l0jqaju-my-life-through-a-lensking about for a few minutes, we’ve got a way to help.

When it comes time for your recording session with us, all you have to do is sit your employee down in front of the microphone for a few minutes to talk about each of their topics. And we take it from there. Voila! They’ve created a blog post and podcast, in their name and with their voice. And they don’t have to write a word of it.

Getting content out of the mouth of an expert is much easier than saying to someone, “Hey, I need you to go research this thing you know nothing about and write a blog about it.” Nobody wants to do that.

If it’s something your employees are already experts at, they’re much more willing to sit down and chat about it for a few minutes. For help with creating that content, reach out to us on our website.