Get Weekly Content from a Monthly Meeting

One of the challenges of being a blogger or chief marketing officer is that you want regularly scheduled content, ideally every week. The problem with that is that you’ve got this huge to-do item staring you in the face every Monday morning that says, “write another blog post.”

rawpixel-com-296612If you’re a writer, then that’s a great thing; you always have a project. However, if your primary job isn’t to write, but to be tactical with that written content and share it the right way, we have a solution for you.  

To post weekly content, you would need a list of 52 topics, right? If you wanted to sit down and write them, you’re probably looking at several hours of work a week. For some people I know who are incredibly picky wordsmiths, it might even mean several days of work.

What if you knocked out four to five of those topics in a one-hour meeting each month? That’s what we do. We hop on Skype once a month and spend less than an hour interviewing you on your four to five topics. From that, you get a weekly blog post, a weekly podcast, and for some of our clients, a weekly video.

The magic of our process is that after the interview, you are completely hands off. You get weekly content delivered to you so that you can spend your time sharing it on social media and engaging with your customers, instead of head down at the keyboard writing.

If you need weekly content, but don’t have time to create it, check us out at