KATY Love: Dave's "Off Label" Use

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Blog: “Dave Reviews KATY Love”
Podcast: “Why Does Dave Use KATY Love?”
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Here is a transcription of the interview that produced this video:

Shayla: Welcome to the Shortcut Content podcast. I am talking with Dave Young today. Dave, I’m going to be honest with our listeners, I have no idea what the product you’re holding in your hands is right now, but I want you to tell me about it and what’s your review of this product and what is it?

Dave: Before I tell you about this product and even show it to you, I want to ask you a question. There was a viral story going around in the last year, it was a photographer, and they took portraits of people and one of things they did is they had a little cocktail party to do this experiment and they put people in front of the screen and took a picture of them. They’re like, okay, you just walked in the door, you’re stone-cold sober, smile for your picture. And so people are standing there and they have this kind of just lame smile on their face, and they took a picture of everybody. And then they gave everybody one glass of wine, waited about fifteen, twenty minutes. And then had them go and take another portrait. Stood in front of the camera and they had a little bit of a twinkle in their smile this time. And they gave them another glass of wine, and then they took the two glass of wine portrait. And all of a sudden, these people are blossoming. They look incredibly friendly. They look incredibly friendly. I just said that, right? Did I say friendly twice?

Shayla: You did. Is this after your second glass, or?

Dave: So they look at them after their first glass, after their second glass, they just were friendlier, the looked more engaging. They looked like people you wanted to hang out with, as opposed to their first, kind of, yeah, I’m here, take a picture of me, kind of pose. So after two glasses of wine, they were just more engaged and more open to conversation, to being with people, I think. So when we work with people in developing content, it’s kind of a challenge to get people to kind of lighten up in front of the camera, or even at the microphone. And you’ve probably had that experience with people?

Shayla: Mmhmm.

Dave: And so what happens, that’s one of the reasons we’ve always said we’d like you to give us at least three months, so that we have three recording sessions under the belt, and you’ll start to relax, you’ll start to get a little more relaxed after that third recording session, because you’ll get to know your host, you’ll get to know how the microphone and the recording and those kinds of things work. You just get a little more comfortable in your own skin. And that’s the case anywhere. When you first start a new job, you’re not at your prime the first day you walk in the door and then it’s all downhill from there. Usually there’s kind of a breaking in period, a little bit of get to know ya.

And so one of the challenges when you’re doing video with one person, one time, and you’re going to put them in front of a camera like I am now, it can be a little challenging just to get them to relax, just to get them to kind of be open to the flow a little bit. And I always hesitate in my studio here to offer, ya know, we’re recording at 10 o’clock in the morning. You want a couple glasses of wine?

Shayla: Maybe.

Dave: So here’s, I’m going to tell you the secret I use. And you may notice this, in some of the earlier videos I’ve done, I can be maybe a little stiff, maybe a little self conscious. So this is a product that a friend of mine manufacturers, this is going to sound just crazy, this product is targets, it’s called KATY love. Katy.love is the website. So this is a capsule, it’s nutraceutical, it’s 100% legal. It’s not mind altering, but it’s marketed to electronic dance music fan. I know. That sounds crazy, right?

Shayla: Yes. Yes, it does.

Dave: And what this capsule does is if you take this capsule fifteen or twenty minutes before you hit the next rave, you’re not going to want to take Molly, which is the traditional, electronic dance music drug. That’s the drug of choice for most people that are into that, because of its euphoric effect. But the problem with it is that, my understanding of the problem with it, is that it leaves your serotonin and your dopamine depleted, so the next day you’re just hiding under a rock somewhere. And KATY Love, actually you feel better the next day. But what it really does is it gives you a little sense of euphoria. I took one about an hour ago and it’s not like I’m sailing around the room. But I’m less self conscious, I’m more apt to be engaging in conversation, and, honestly, this is fun. I don’t have the kind of stress that I would have staring into a camera and being self conscious about that. I’m just engaged in conversation and having a good time. But I think there are times when you need people to just relax a little bit. The next time somebody comes into my studio, I’m going to ask them, give me a half hour, take this, we’re going to chase the rabbit down the rabbit hole. Katy.love. That’s the website. It’s not a dot com. It’s dot love.

Shayla: Alright, so for that, go to the website that Dave just talked about, if you need to loosen up a little bit. If you have any questions about what he does at Shortcut Content, or if you want to have an in-person meeting with Dave, it sounds like a blast, go to ShortcutContent.com.