How to Repurpose Old News & PR

gle4o4gwq-s-anastasia-polischukWe help our clients develop a list of blog topics that they can use over the course of a year. After they’ve run through the list, some come to screeching halt and say to us, “Well, what do I do now?”

In previous posts, we’ve touched on using old topics in a new way, but here’s another idea: go back to those old press and news releases, and breathe new life into them.

Most company websites have some news on them and it’s usually like the blog archives – they did a few news stories back in 2014 and then coasted to a halt. That’s usually when they decide they need our help.

You can dig up those old news stories and turn them into blog updates. If you had a big announcement about a new piece of equipment or product line, tell us how that’s going and what you’ve been doing with it. If you did a press release on a new employee, have you done them for everyone?

You can use your employees as well. Sit them up next to the microphone to record some content. We’ve talked about mining brochures and printed material for topics; use the content you’ve already created for one purpose or another, and talk about it in a fresh voice.

Increase the exposure of your new and old content. Contact us for help.