Say "Yes" More Often

We talked in a previous post about the Farmer’s Insurance agent who made a viral YouTube video eating rancid fish guts. The point of that story is that you never know what’s going to be your biggest hit with people.

It’s important to keep coming up with fresh content, because it may end up being your most impressive piece of work. You’ve got to keeping showing up, saying “yes,” and putting yourself out there to see what will resonate.

I spent about twenty years on the radio in a small town; there were a few thousand people who knew who I was. So that’s kind of being famous in a little pond. But I’ve spent the last fifteen years trying to increase my footprint as someone who knows a little bit about marketing and content.

I think that’s what I want to be known for, right? As it turns out, everything I’ve done was eclipsed about three years ago by a 25-minute YouTube video.

A friend of mine with a couple little kids were shooting a fan movie called Little Batman and Robin, and since I was in Austin, Texas at the time, they asked me to play Commissioner Gordon. Over the years, it’s gotten over 8.5 million views.

8.5 million people have seen me like this.


That doesn’t seem like it would help me with Shortcut Content or with my marketing, but just doing something out of the ordinary helps people get to know me. If you take a little step across the line, you might become someone they know and like, and then maybe you’ll get a chance to sell to them.