Is SEO driving the right traffic?

If you’re utilizing SEO, or search engine optimization, you need to take into account what kind of leads you’re generating.

I had an enlightening conversation with a landscape company the other day. The owner told me he’s been using an SEO firm to make his company the number one result for landscape Google searches in his area. The problem is, the leads he’s generating are driving him

They’ll call him up and ask him to give them a bid so they can compare it to other landscape companies in his market. But he isn’t the low-cost choice. His company specializes in custom design. His customers are required to come into a design center and usually don’t see a drawing for three weeks. He’s never going to win when it comes to competitive bidding and it’s a waste of his time.

The question needs to be what kind of leads am I trying to get? For someone like him, I would suggest a branding campaign that’s focused and well written. The referrals and leads he’ll gain will know who he is and what his company is all about before they call.  

So before you put all of your hope into SEO, ask yourself if you think any traffic is good traffic, or if you’re aiming to find leads that already know your reputation.

If you are the low-cost provider in your market, maybe SEO is the game to play. But it’s always good to take inventory of the leads your website is attracting. Shortcut Content can help you drive the right kind of traffic to your business using content that tells the story of your company and enhances your credibility.