Storytelling For STEM Scientists

Who is the Famous Scientist in YOUR Field?

Working here is like urinating in a dark suit. It’s warm and it feels good and nobody notices.”
Roger Von Oech

STEM-30Ask anyone to name a famous scientist. We can all name a handful, right Einstein? (Yeah, Einstein got so famous that using his name sarcastically became an insult. It doesn’t get any better than that.)

Ask that same person to name a famous LIVING scientist. If you don’t get Stephen Hawking or Neil deGrasse Tyson, you’ll get Bill Nye or one of those guys on Mythbusters.

It’s sad, right?

What do scientists like Tyson and Hawking have in common? Why are Bill Nye, the Mythbusters and Dr. Oz household names?

They tell stories.

Storytelling isn’t science. It isn’t art. It’s the experience of being human.

If there isn’t a Hawking or a Tyson in your field, that’s good news. It means that there’s room for one. In under an hour a month, we’ll guide you in creating a series of stories that will lift you and your institution into the realm of Scientists Who Tell Stories. It’s going to be fun.

We Have a METHOD

Our system is reliable, repeatable AND relate-able.

We help you brainstorm all of the content ideas that will make you a rockstar in your field. Ideas that will engage your potential students, wow your donors and get the attention (and envy) of your colleagues.

Once a month, we conduct a recording session that will take under an hour. In that session, we record your stories with our conversational experts via Skype.

Once the recording session is complete, you go back to your lab, or the field or wherever you’d rather be. We’ll edit the audio into podcasts. We’ll rewrite your words as blog posts. We’ll make it understandable. We’ll give it life. When we’re done, we’ll send you the files or post them to your site.

The result will be weekly content that not only feels good, it will get you noticed.

Next Steps…

We offer a free topic idea exercise that will help you generate an entire year’s worth of weekly blog topics in under an hour. We’d like you to take the first step in becoming a famous STEM scientist by identifying the topics you’d write about IF you had the time to write consumer-centric blog content.