What is Tribal Content?

anv_zgndzhc-phil-coffmanPeople talk about marketing to millennials a lot these days, but I think that may be going about it the wrong way. You can’t take broad strokes and market to a group of people just because they were born between this year and that.

Many of us in our fifties identify with some of the issues, angst and preferences of millennials. We’ve been around them long enough that they’ve become our own issues and preferences. It’s much more powerful to identify a specific tribe of people and then market to engage with that tribe.

I’ll give you an example. I’ve been thinking a lot about how Shortcut Content can benefit STEM scientists. Most people can only name a couple famous scientists, and it’s because they are the only ones creating content. I think Shortcut Content can help the science, technology, engineering and medical field expand their reach.

First, I have to identify the tribe, and then I have to dig a little bit deeper into the sub-tribes. An engineer is probably going to respond to marketing differently than a medical researcher.

Once I’ve got a specific tribe in mind, I need to find their influencers. Maybe I seek out universities or organizations that hold conventions for geologists. The question becomes who needs to create content that’s accessible to more than just their fellow scientists? And who’s going to pay for it?

These questions focus your marketing. Identify your tribe and figure out who the influencers are. If you need help creating content for those tribes, reach out to us at shortcutcontent.com.