Use Signaling Theory to Improve Your Business

One of the foundations of my friend Tom Wanek’s book, Currencies That Buy Credibility, is the idea of using signaling theory for the benefit of your business.Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 9.34.36 PM

Animals in the wild use signaling theory to send signals about their strength. In Tom’s book, he gives us the example of the gazelle and the cheetah. If gazelles see a cheetah hanging out in the tall grass, some of them will start stotting; they jump straight up in the air, arch their backs, and prance all around. It’s their way of showing the cheetah that they are up for the chase.

The cheetah won’t chase the gazelles that are stotting; he knows he might not catch them. He chases the weaker gazelles that are conserving their energy, because they know they are going to have to run for their lives.

So how does that relate to your business? Consider the message a website sends off that has a dozen static pages, versus one that has fresh, new material posted every day. If I’m a consumer checking out websites, and you have a healthy blog full of expert information, the signal that you’re sending me is that you’re around, you’ve got a heartbeat, and that you care.

That’s the signaling theory application for creating blog posts, podcasts and fresh content for your site. You’re letting people know you’re credible, and that there’s an expert running your business.

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