Video Sharing: Facebook vs. Youtube

When you’re producing video for social media, you need to think about the platform on which you plan to share

My approach to most things on the web is to think of it from the perspective of the user. Facebook makes it really easy for us to watch videos right on our news feeds. It will even auto roll, if the user has the option turned on.

You can produce your Facebook video with closed captioning and hard graphics, so that people can read it with the volume down. That’s especially helpful for users that are scrolling in public or in places where audio isn’t desirable.

If you share from YouTube, sometimes you can play right from your newsfeed, but many times it opens up a new tab or takes you back to YouTube. That’s not exactly user friendly.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sharing your videos to Facebook and YouTube. But you want to produce it so that it’s ready to upload directly to Facebook. Upload the original, rather than embedding from YouTube.

Make your content easily assessable on whatever platform your using. So if you’re using Facebook, I say upload your video content directly to Facebook.