Creed: Stories Are Best Shared by Experts

Stories are best told first-hand. I think everybody likes to hear it from the horse’s mouth. When it comes to creating content for your business, you don’t want to create something that can be copied and pasted. You want unique information, that’s coming directly from you and your experts.

Most experts, innovators and business owners don’t have the time, or sometimes the talent, to do the writing it takes to create content. This usually leads to some method of outsourcing. They look for article writers and freelancers to write the story for them. The tricky part is finding someone…


Creed: The Strength of a Company Lies In the Personalities of Its Leaders

The strength of a company lies in the personalities of its leaders. Those are the people that know why the company was started in the first place. If you really want to share the authentic essence of your company, you need those leaders to be out in front creating content.

It’s always easy to use Apple as an example of a company with personalities who are leading. They started with Steve Jobs, but Tim Cook picked up the ball and ran with it. Then, there’s Jony Ives, their lead designer. He is outspoken, and has even written his own book.…


Creed: Sharing Your Wisdom Through Story is Your Best Legacy

Part of our ‘Content Creator’s Creed’ is that we believe sharing your wisdom through story is your best legacy. Everybody starts a business for a different reason. It’s usually some variation of wanting to make a name, wanting to make money, or wanting to make a difference. Our advice to a company that’s looking to create content is do it in a way that’s going to establish your legacy. And the best way to do that…to share that wisdom, is through story-telling.

If you just want to make money, Shortcut Content and blogging in an authentic way may…


Creed: The Best Way to Create Content? Whatever Gets It Done

“The best way to write your story is whatever method gets the job done.” That’s the last line in Shortcut Content’s ‘Content Creator’s Creed.’ And if you were reciting the creed with your hand over your heart, (which is the way I believe it should be read), then I think that last line should be shouted a little bit louder than the rest. It’s true: the best way to create content is whatever way gets the job done.

Do It Yourself

Now, I think you can rank the different ways of going about it. I’m not going to…