KATY Love: Dave's "Off Label" Use

This video served as the source material for our Podcast and our Blog. Here are the resulting posts:

Blog: “Dave Reviews KATY Love”
Podcast: “Why Does Dave Use KATY Love?”
Get some KATY

Here is a transcription of the interview that produced this video:

Shayla: Welcome to the Shortcut Content podcast. I am talking with Dave Young today. Dave, I’m going to be honest with our listeners, I have no idea what the product you’re holding in your hands is right now, but I want you to tell me about it…


“Be Like Amazon – Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It”

I don’t normally do book reviews on Shortcut Content’s blog, and I’m not really sure why. Maybe I need to read more books. But I did read this one: “Be Like Amazon – Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It,” by Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg and my Wizard of Ads business partner, Roy H. Williams.

The book focuses on the four stone pillars of Amazon – customer centricity, continuous optimization, a culture of innovation, and corporate agility. If you study Jeff Bezos and Amazon, you’ll realize that it’s not some evil plan they put together…


What in the world is Shortcut Content?

If I want to sound interesting I’ll say “We’re a content creation boutique firm.” Whatever that means, right?

People need written content for their websites, newsletters, and brochures. And if you’re not a writer or you don’t have time to write, we’ve got a way to get that information out of you, via interviews.

The short answer is that we help you create content by pulling it out of your head through your mouth…and it’s not as violent as it sounds. It’s done through conversation.

In our typical subscription model, we help you come up with four or five topics…


How to Repurpose Old News & PR

We help our clients develop a list of blog topics that they can use over the course of a year. After they’ve run through the list, some come to screeching halt and say to us, “Well, what do I do now?”

In previous posts, we’ve touched on using old topics in a new way, but here’s another idea: go back to those old press and news releases, and breathe new life into them.

Most company websites have some news on them and it’s usually like the blog archives – they did a few…


What kind of special projects do we do?

At Shortcut Content, we’ve done a number of special projects that don’t really fall inside our core services of delivering weekly blogs and podcasts to our clients.

Recently, I spent a day walking around the Wizard Academy in Austin, Texas with founder Roy Williams. The campus is full of amazing artwork. And rather than having it all catalogued so that Roy could write stories about them, we hooked him up to a microphone and had him tell us about them. We recorded the story of every painting, sculpture and piece of architectural significance so that they could take…